Welcome to Rivercrest School District


When the name of the Rivercrest School District is mentioned, most people immediately think of our communities that are steeped in tradition. This is a place where roots run deep, and it is common for multi-generational families to continue to be active members of the school community. This is a place where we can ask a local farmer for help if a bus gets stuck. This is a place where everyone gathers to lend a hand and to show support when tragedy strikes. This is a place where we celebrate milestones with one another - everything from improved academic achievements that include scholarships and student awards to state football championships and national award winning cheerleaders. The hashtag #WeAreRivercrest truly says it all.

The Rivercrest School District is a consolidated, rural district located in the northeast Arkansas Delta region covering 371 square miles that serves a diverse population of 1,220 students in grades PreKindergarten-12. In April of 1968, the directors of Shawnee (Joiner), Dyess, Keiser, and Wilson passed a resolution to consolidate school districts and build a central high school. The school consolidations have been phased in through the years with the initial consolidation in 1972. Students from five different communities - Dyess, Joiner, Keiser, Luxora, and Wilson - are now transported to a central location just off Interstate 55 at Exit 41. The first graduating class from Rivercrest High School was in May 1971.  

We have a unique history, collectively. All of the small towns were once thriving places with movie theaters, banks, post offices, and several retail establishments. With the exception of Wilson, few of those amenities currently exist in our communities. Dyess began as a WPA project and is also the boyhood home of Johnny Cash. Luxora is home of Coach Charles Strong. Wilson is the one town that continues to thrive. This is a direct result of the Lawrence Family Group who purchased the town and surrounding farmland in 2014. With an influx of financial support, the town is experiencing a rebirth with a revitalized town square, rebuilt Hampson Museum, and efforts to provide entertainment and community activities. This is serving as a catalyst for growth and rejuvenation in all of our communities.

Though primarily thought of as an agricultural area, Mississippi County is also the home to a number of other industries. With Nucor and Big River Steel in full production, we are the largest steel producing area in the United States. Other industries such as American Greetings, Denso, Systex, Viskase, and Plum Point Power Company employ many of the parents whose children attend Rivercrest High School. Additionally, Arkansas Northeastern College is located in the county. The district has a strong partnership with the college which supports associate degree attainment through concurrent credit as well as career and technical courses for Rivercrest High School students. Mississippi County is an officially designated Work Ready Community, and the Rivercrest School District is proud to provide quality public education to all of the students in the south end of the county.